Proper Yoga Etiquette - Newport News VA

Yoga is an amazing experience, but there are certain norms, rules, and procedures that must be adhered to for the safety, benefit, and enjoyment of all participants. By following these rules of etiquette, everyone will have a positive experience.

  • We recommend you drink a lot of water and do not eat 2 hours before class.

  • We recommend a few minutes to get acclimated before class, so arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. New Students please arrive 20 minutes early to register.

  • Please arrive with an open mind, positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Everyone has their own body type and skill level.

  • Shoes and socks are not allowed in the yoga room.

  • Mats and water are required for every class. We sell both, and have mats available for rent.

  • Please place your mat in a cream square. This will allow plenty of room for everyone.

  • No personal items in the yoga room please, especially cell phones. We want to create a quiet tranquil atmosphere, so please refrain from talking in the yoga room.

  • Follow the teacher’s instructions.

  • If you ever feel faint, fatigued, nauseated, dizzy or over-heated we recommend you lie down and relax.

  • Honor your practice and others; Please do not leave class until the teacher has completed Savasana.

  • Our wish is to offer a dynamic and challenging workout that is also fun and creates a physical, mental, and spiritual harmony that can be enjoyed in all aspects of daily life. You will amaze yourself when you see how consistent practice will transform You.

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