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"Hi Edie,

Last weekend I took Leanne's class for the first time. I thought you would appreciate some feedback. It was wonderful! Here are my specific comments: * She was attentive to every person in the room. * Her tone of voice and volume were perfect (sometimes it is hard to hear instructions with the air blowing). * She provided subtle cues that gave me confidence to take it to "my edge". For example, I am always nervous in camel. She guided us to reach one arm up and that was just what I needed. * Another example is toe stand in tree pose. She guided us through it with very specific cues and direction. I never felt comfortable to try it before. One last point: I think new instructors are great for beginners and veterans alike because they are so focused on being exact and they want to convey their knowledge and caring to the students. Leanne exemplifies this and combined with her sweet nature and energy, I can see why you convinced her to become an instructor. Thanks for all you do!

- Chrissy

"Hi Edie,

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my massage with Melissa Friday. I am always a little apprehensive with a new massage therapist..."Will she talk too much"? "Will she be too gentle or too vigorous?" Yada yada. Well, I have had more than a few massages in my years and Melissa is by far, HANDS DOWN (pun intended!) the best massage therapist EVER!! This is why: 1. She made me feel comfortable from the minute we met. 2. She asked me intelligent questions regarding my health. 3. She did not keep me waiting. 4. She spoke just enough (what a lovely person!) Her touch is truly therapeutic. She began with my ears and I could sense immediately there was a purpose in her touch. Her hands transmit healing, comfort, peace and joy. I left the studio with a feeling of complete relaxation and stillness. If I can recommend her to others, please feel free to use my name and email."

- Chrissy

"Dear Edie:

Thanks for all the help with yoga. It definitely made a difference in my sports performance overall.

I originally came to yoga because of all the beating that my body had endured during military training. Above and beyond that, I never liked stretching, so it was a double-whamy for my joints, especially because I am not a small person. At 6'3" and 220 lbs I was doing myself a disservice by not worrying about my smaller muscles and flexibility.

It finally got to the point where my body could not take it anymore. While training for a special military program, I was being put on the sideline by injuries. My IT bands would get too tight after running. I would constantly get knee tendonitis from squats, and I constantly felt my shoulder muscles over strain from the pushups and the pullups. I was also in pain from plantar facia, an overuse injury I got from running.

When I initially started yoga, it was very challenging. There were some poses that I could just not hold. Downward Dog was almost impossible. I could barely keep my breath in the heat, and I did not have any flexibility in my hips. The first few classes were definitely eye opeining for big proud guy like I am.

Regardless of the initial shock, I kept coming to classes. Everything fell in place slowly, I initially thought. I realize now though that, having only practiced for 3 months, the changes that have occurred in my body have occurred on a faster rate than I could ever think possible.

I can now keep and even control my breathing throughout the practice, my shoulders don't hurt anymore, I do not remember a time when I went running and my knees hurt, and overall, I have gained some definition beyond what I had when I first arrived.

Beyond feeling better, I have definitely seen an increase in performance. Within yoga itself, I can execute poses at a level I have not seen done on someone my size (Which I take to mean that anyone at any level can perform well in yoga). I feel more lax and I notice traffic does not bother me as much anymore. I also notice that I am a faster runner since I have a longer stride (more flexibility and power over a range of motion, and breath control), and I can do more pushups and pullups than I had previously been able to do (more control over the stabilizing muscles in the body over a wider range of motion).

And what was that? Yes, I made it into my military program, thanks for asking ;-).

Thanks for everything Edie."

- Enrique

"Hello Edie,

I am so happy to have found your class. I feel so much better about my body now to see and know the limits that I can reach with yoga. I have always had an interest in yoga and have practiced it throughout my years of working out and trying new things. I love your practice. I especially loved the class last week when you actually made the class more personal by pointing out the individual ways we could improve (by calling our names and giving tips). So this is long way to say thank you. Just to let you know I am going to commit to coming more often. My children are dying to take a yoga class because it is now the topic of conversation very often in my house."

- Princess

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